Speed Up Downloads With Compression

It might sound pretty obvious to anyone working with web servers that a site’s assets when delivered compressed has a major boost on page performance and the benefits that brings as well as network load and the associated costs. I came across the issue today where IOT style devices communicating over a mobile operator’s wireless link would often fail or be patchy at best particularly during provisioing when fairly large amounts of XML were being transported.

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Converting to PyBuilder

I have inherited a python/flask project to maintain and add a few new features to. While I know python enough to get by I have struggled a little with the organisation of the source code. Coming from a Java and Apache Maven background going back at least twelve years I believe teams really benefit from using a conventional project layout which is something I have yet to find in python. That said flask seems to have some conventions but my colleagues are uncertain where the best place to keep unit tests and coming from Junit we always keep them in a different but parallel src tree. Builds are done using make. Yuck.

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Centos Port Forwarding

Before I forget I had an issue with port forwarding a webapp from the base centos vm to my host through vagrant - the webapp was unresponsive and requests would eventually timeout. In the past the issue has always been starting the webapp listening on a non-“” adapter but the webapp’s config is quite explicit that it is set to listen on the right one. A quick nestat test proved this:

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